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Reclaim Your Inner Voice By Choosing to Listen to Yourself First

Awaken Your Sleeping Beauty

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Recent Entries

Princess PTSD

Waking up each day  attempting to take on all the little warriors that used to try fighting my battles for me.


I am learning to embrace them all with open arms as it is now my duty as an Ex-Princess to protect them from themselves instead of all the monsters that tried to get to me. 

Some days I feel as though I am locked up in a castle and then there are times where I feel blissfully free and now have the chance and opportunity to let go and start again. 

I hope that by sharing some of my darkest thoughts & secrets that one day someone else may start to value and appreciate the spirit that we all innately encompass and that is to persevere and persist. 

“Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think.”


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