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My Fortress

Healing from being an ex-prince or princess gives you an imaginary sixth sense of some sort. Whether you are surrounded by a big crowd or only a few people; your inner warrior strength seeps through your pores. Occasionally, an ex-prince or princess will recognize your scars - both the visible ones and the ones that lie dormant beneath.

Engaging in the act of trying to remain present can help an ex-prince or princess refrain from re-engaging in acts that are not instrumental to them anymore. I consider those days victories; even the tiny ones.

Despite my best attempts----my warriors get lost in their own translation every so often and the messages they are trying to convey simply cause me confusion and ultimately inhibit my ability to actually BE mindful of the present moment and time. I need to forgive myself for those days as well.

When someone knocks on the door; our programmed nature is to let them into our hearts, minds, bodies, souls and even our homes.

This can be applied to any individual one may encounter: A stranger on the street, a figure of authority in the community, a close friend or even a family foe.

Fortunately for me, I feel blessed as an ex-princess in recovery trying to regain her castle and space in this world because I am now comprehending the fact that I get to decide who I let past my moat and into my fortress.

I hold the key.


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