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Sink or Float

I woke up feeling much lighter this morning. I wonder which warriors came to my defense during the night so I could sleep rather soundly. The medication(s) I've been taking to aide with my C-PTSD; have a limited shelf life too. I don't want to be weighed down by any type of substance except for the ones I need for my other physical ailments (Oh the joys of having a dysfunctional immune system in addition to reproductive issues ever since I became a young teen).

At least that's what "They" told me.

Becoming your own detective is vital when it comes to healing from being an ex-prince or princess. Once you start listening to your inner voice, your body will begin speaking to you too. It may very well be the other way around in the beginning or switch back and forth depending on which day and warrior(s) are prepared for battle.

What your body has to say may be confusing at times and one might not know if they're experiencing a flashback or a manifestation of something else in real time. Whatever the case may be; keep listening, keep searching and keep trying to float to the top!

Before you become the patient, try to become your own nurse first.


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